To Believe
by Pink Flower

To Believe by Pink Flower

I would like to dedicate this profile & project to a very special person who contributed from the heart in believing in the EYI initiative. She asked to remain anonymous for the moment. And will be referred to as Pink Flower. Pink Flower is a big walking heart, she’s fun, she’s creative and crazy! she incarnates a dictionary of beautiful values, among those values, is her power To Believe, which is the name of her project.

Hi, this is Pink Flower, Raad gave me this nickname and I like it as well as everything he creates 🙂 so I followed the Empower Your Identity exercise and this is my story: I believe that small things in life can make a big change, a change that can create happiness, awareness and beautiful memories. Every moment in life is an opportunity to make a change, so I wondered, what kind of change can I make? Love gives the power to believe, while believing is the first step in the process of creating. So I asked myself what is it that I love? The first thing that crossed my mind was food, I loooooove eating 🙂 But don’t you think it’s sad that once you finish eating, the plate is always empty? Plates have been used for thousands of years and across all cultures, it connects people everywhere and everyday. So What if we would take every empty plate and fill it with tasty words? Words that would make us smile, learn and remember. So My Love for food brings me To Believe that no plate should ever be empty again, that is why I created To Love – To Believe – To Create is my process To Believe, how about you? What do you believe in and how did you make it come true? Share your story at

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Your Journey starts here:

1- Who are you?*
2- What are the pillars of your life?
3- What are you passionate about?
4- What is your purpose of life?
5- Which are the events or moments in your life that made you proud of yourself?

* if you have difficulties in answering question 1, ask close people you know to write the positive things about you.

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