"Selfless Women can shape the world"

Your identity is like your fingerprint, it's something that no one else has, so that you can leave an imprint that no one else can... If you leave this world tomorrow, how big would this loss be & what imprint would you leave behind you?

Most of us wait until we grow older, have enough time, money or knowledge before we start thinking how to bring a value added contribution to the world. Sometimes sharing a lesson from your life, an idea, an advice... can have a positive impact on others and change their lives, so If you can make this impact today, then why wait?

But to create impact in the world, you first need to create impact for yourself. So you need to ask yourself what is unique about your identity and how to translate it into a project that can create value?

Empower Your Identity is a digital bridge between your identity and the impact you can create for yourself and the world. An initiative composed of an excercise, an ideation process and a community that interacts via events, webinars, workshops and galas.

The Excercise: A Journey from your identity to your project
Your journey starts with a free introspective exercise about your identity, so that you can define your most suitable personal or professional project. You can answer the questions below and decided what information to share or not.

The Process: Branding & Digitalizing your project
Once you have performed the identity exercise and defined the nature of your project, you can apply as a contributor for participating in the online & offline ideation programs, so that you can brand & digitalize your project by exploiting the most suitable tools & architecture while utilizing the power of the internet in terms of speed & reach.

The Community: Networking & Promoting your project
As soon as your project is validated, you will be able to join a Glocal (Global & Local) collaborative environment to interact with other members and introduce yourself & your project to the community and get promoted via our network of Consuls & Ambassadors.


Your Journey starts here:

1- Who are you?*
2- What are the pillars of your life?
3- What are you passionate about?
4- What is your purpose of life?
5- Which are the events or moments in your life that made you proud of yourself?

* if you have difficulties in answering question 1, ask close people you know to write the positive things about you.