Nutrition for Education & Development
by Hiwot Amare

Nutrition for Education & Development by Hiwot Amare

I met Hiwot in 2002, we were studying together, actually to be honest she was studying and I was making photocopies of her notes 3 days before the exams :) Hiwot was among those smart students who received a scholarship from Ethiopia, she had a remarkable academic & professional parcours graduating as a Software Engineer and working for leading Consulting international firms. In parallel to a full time job & being a mother of a boy & girl, Hiwot still managed to proactively offer her support for charity causes and organizing charity events for her community while living in Lyon (France). But this was not enough for her, so what she did is:

"she left her comfort zone to create one for those in need"

In 2016 Hiwot & her French husband decided to relocate to Addis Abeba (Ehitopia) to create the N4ED association (Nutrition for Education & Development) that empowers Mothers to tackle children’s malnutrition during the first 1000 days of their lives.

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