by Nicole Witte

FitnessFluencer by Nicole Witte

Hi my name is Nicole, I’m a Dutch citizen of the world, I speak Dutch, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, I live in Barcelona and I have been modeling for the last 15 years. I’m a certified personal trainer and after doing the Empower Your Identity exercise, I realized that my passion is helping people be healthy through Fitness, at the same time I wanted to exploit my business spirit so I followed the SPEED1 program with Raad who supported me in combining my passion with an innovative business idea, that is how I created FitnessFluencer.

"Fitness is not only about physical exercising, it’s a lifestyle that pushes you to eat healthier, go beyond your comfort zone and helps you connect with fantastic people who will motivate you to make that extra mile."

Among those fantastic people, are the Fitness Influencers. is a one-stop-shop platform that brings together the Fitness community while supporting Fitness Influencers in generating new revenue streams with their own brand. 3 shares See more

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