Eco Garment Bags
by Rebecca Pickard

Eco Garments Bags by Rebecca Pickard

I could write an entire book about Rebecca as she is a school of life and life is her school. Her holistic approach to the work-life balance is one of the most admirable & inspirational experiences to learn from. Rebecca is a British-Swedish citizen of the world, who has spent her last years living between Vietnam and Spain. While some fear change, Rebecca has embraced change as a vital necessity for constant growth and seizing opportunities. When I asked her about her favorite word she said:

"Freedom, only freedom allows me to think outside of the box, to jump at opportunities, grasp life by the horns, have the freedom to do what my heart desires, where it tells me to go, what it tells me to do."

Rebecca is passionate about nature, her heart led her towards doing something positive for a cleaner planet. One of the things that caught her attention while working in fashion production for the last 9 years, is how each garment leaves the factory packaged in a polybag, most of these being single use bags. Approximately 180 Billion plastic bags are produced every year to store, transport and protect garments, footwear and accessories. That is how Rebecca exploited her expertise, listened to her heart and applied her soulpreneurial spirit to introduce Eco Garment Bags, a sustainable alternative to the single use polybags, that aims to clean-up the fashion industry and spread the word that plastic is now a matter of choice.

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